Letters from the Pacific: Five-star Review

Because of the way the author tells her story, the details, the descriptions, I felt as if I had taken the voyage aboard the Louise with her. In addition to her adventures, the reader learns of the places she visits, information about the ships, the functioning of the ports, etc. For example, the amount of fuel burned a day and its cost, and the importance of weight distribution in the loading of the cargo. Perhaps these seem unnecessary or frivolous details, but they add flavor and pleasure to the narration; they entertain.

Apart from the details that make the story so interesting, she includes her opinions, thoughts and personal feelings, written in italics, which establishes more intimacy with the reader. One feels that the author is speaking to you directly, sitting over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. I loved some of the personal observations, for example: “Fantasy is nothing more than our interpretation of other people’s behavior in terms of our own desires.” Excellent!

My favorite thought: “It makes me sad to leave the ship, but I have another life to find again . . .” I felt the same when I finished the book: It made me sad to leave the ship and finish the book, but I have another life and another book to find.  — Enrique Venegas