About Me

Sandra Shaw Homer has lived in Costa Rica for 27 years, where she has taught languages and worked as a translator and environmental activist. At one time she headed the canton environmental commission and helped to found three environmental non-profits. For several years she wrote a regular column, “Local Color,” for the English-language weekly The Tico Times.    Her writing has appeared in The Quotable, Off the Beaten Track, Junto Magazine  and in three editions of Oasis Journal, as well as on a few web sites, notably Allyson Latta: Memories into Story, and her own blog, Writing from the Heart. Her travel memoir, Letters from the Pacific, received very positive Publishers Weekly and Kirkus reviews. A second travel memoir, Journey to the Joie de Vivre, was recently released, and a brief inspirational memoir of survival, The Magnificent Dr. Wao, is available as a Kindle Book.