Listen to the Author Reading “A Thousand Shades of Green” from Evelio’s Garden

When you’re writing, sometimes surprising things spill out. This little prose poem was completely spontaneous; it didn’t follow any plot line nor was it the product of any forethought. It came from a moment of pure presence with what I was doing. I looked at it on the screen, slightly amazed, and decided to leave it in.

Photo by SSH

About SSH

Philadelphia native and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell, Shaw Homer has lived in Costa Rica for over 30 years, where she has taught languages and worked for environmental NGOs. In addition to writing for the local press, her fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry have appeared in both print and on-line literary and travel journals, as well as on her blog, Her travel memoir, Letters from the Pacific, received excellent Kirkus and Publishers Weekly reviews. Her most recent book is Evelio’s Garden: Memoir of a Naturalist in Costa Rica. She and all her books can be found at

5 thoughts on “Listen to the Author Reading “A Thousand Shades of Green” from Evelio’s Garden

  1. Brian g Mills says:

    Awesome Sandy! a nice tease to your audio book version….looking forward to listening to it someday as I slumber in my hammock somewhere peaceful and always near water. B

  2. harvey Burgess says:

    So lovely. A glorious evocation of nature and the Costa Rican landscape. Thank you Sandy.

  3. Ruth Dixon-Mueller says:

    Exquisite! Pure Sandy, writing from the heart … and from her creative absorption of the beauty around her, down to the tiniest detail. Thank you for the lovely reading.

  4. Marten says:

    Really lovely. I enjoyed, very much, these shades of green.

  5. Patricia Brenes says:

    Amiga, absolutely beautiful, I enjoyed every single word. I would say it is profound and refreshing like the morning dew

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