Praise for Evelio’s Garden

Evelio’s Garden continues to garner wonderful reviews:

“Why isn’t this book a best seller?Wonderful! A favorite book by a naturalist-humanist. Want to understand Costa Rica? Read this book.”

“After reading the first few pages of Evelio’s Garden, I understand the nature, the people and the heart of Costa Rica deeply, almost as if I had lived there instead of just visiting as a gringo tourist.. The author, Sandra Shaw Homer is a very gifted writer who takes you into her world, living in rural Costa Rica, near the great Arenal Volcano. With sharp observations of nature, people, and a warm and caring heart, she takes you on an intimate journey into her world, where you will love the people, the joys and struggles of her daily life, and what it is like to live in her part of the world. I think you will agree and love this book as much as I do.”

“The original and memorable memoir of an expatriate to Costa Rica who finds perspective as a writer and organic farmer. . .Well-written, with languid prose featuring occasional lushness that mirrors the Costa Rican…setting. The writer has a keen eye for detail, and merges adeptly the physical with the thematic…with a relaxing narrative pace and setting that carefully opens itself up to moments of darkness and vulnerability.”

“Sandra Shaw Homer is a profoundly gifted writer. Her prose is lyrical, evocative and at times borders on poetic. Her account of the ups and mainly downs of a year’s project with an organic vegetable garden created by her Costa Rican worker is seamlessly intertwined with recollections from her past. The descriptions of her long residence in rural Costa Rica bring to life the incredible natural beauty around her and the wildlife she sees and hears on a daily basis. I highly recommend this book.”

“Sandra’s latest book is a compelling read. She taps into all aspects of living in the tiny foreign country that we share and the obstacles, complexities, discoveries and rewards that coexist within the culture and biodiversity of the land. Her relatable story delves into the common challenges that we, who live in this particular part of Costa Rica, are very familiar with: high winds, heavy rains, roaming livestock and the plethora of insects…As we come to find out, Evelio’s chosen task of growing an organic vegetable garden is a battle against the odds. Wrought with frustration, misunderstandings, humor and awe, the author also bravely reveals and shares some of the shadow areas of her personal life. A very thought-provoking book i would enjoy reading again.”

About SSH

Philadelphia native and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell, Shaw Homer has lived in Costa Rica for over 30 years, where she has taught languages and worked for environmental NGOs. In addition to writing for the local press, her fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry have appeared in both print and on-line literary and travel journals, as well as on her blog, Her travel memoir, Letters from the Pacific, received excellent Kirkus and Publishers Weekly reviews. Her most recent book is Evelio’s Garden: Memoir of a Naturalist in Costa Rica. She and all her books can be found at

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